State of the clan.

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State of the clan.

Post  DannySNZ on Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:14 am

It has come to my attention that this clan is mostly inactive. Well, I'm determined to fix that. As you might have already seen, there have been a lot of changes to the forum and website, and there will continue to be changes.

Most of the changes are aesthetic, made for easier readability of the forum and easier ways to moderate it. We also welcome your suggestions to anything clan related. Speaking of clan related, I have decided to switch from Teamspeak 3 to Mumble. I still have to clear it with H1jol, but I think this will be better for the clan in the long run. The benefits of mumble are the fact that it takes up very little resources, has very high voice quality, and has a much better Android/iPhone app. Right now we only rent 10 slots for our server, but as the clan grows, we will buy more slots for more users.

There are also now two leaders, H1jol, our founder, and myself. We both have busy weekdays but are mostly free on weekends.

Take note as well that we will be doing some major "pruning" of the clan for those that are inactive for more than a month. This is plenty of time for you to log back in to CA and play a few games.

It's a pretty exciting time to join/be in our clan. We will later on start doing giveaways ranging from NX to maybe some small stuff (flash drives, headsets, headphones, mice, etc. from Newegg) to perm guns to our active members. Not trying to bribe you, but I want this clan to be a fun clan, and giveaways will feed the competition among us to better ourselves.

Stay tuned for the changes.


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