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Psychosocia1's Tunes (:

Post  Psychosocia1 on Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:31 am

Alrighty Soo First of all if u guys dont know my Name is David. and I like to express some of my Favorite Music. Genre's such as Like Screamo ( not really consider but w/e)/ Hardcore/ Postcore. Ill be giving a list right here so you guys can see some of the things I like to Listen to.

~Band List~

- All That Remains- -Attack Attack-
- Avenged seven fold - -Asking Alexandra- - Broadway- -Secrets-
-The Crimson Armada(Person Favorite :3 )- -DethKlok(Death metal)- -The Devil wears Prada- -Suicide Silence- -System of a down-
- Skrilllex(Dubstep)- -Iwrestledabearonce- -Eyes set to Kill- -Bring Me The Horizon- -Abandon all Ships- -Miss May I-
- As blood Runs Black- -The Bunny The Bear- -Pierce The Veil- -Motionless In White- - Ice Nine Kills- -It starts With Alaska-
-Lamb Of world- -Like Moths To Flames- -SLIPKNOT- -Raise These Sails- -Escape The Fate- -These Hearts-
- Till The Last breathe-


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