U.S SOCOM Storyline

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U.S SOCOM Storyline

Post  H1jol-Forty5 on Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:32 am

We are U.S Navy SEALs, commissioned by U.S SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command of Military). We are dedicated to carrying out small to large missions, counter-terrorism, direct action warfare and most importantly teamwork. We are sent to Combat Arms to joint UAF Forces to fight Nemexis. We have our trustworthy leaders and brothers on our side, we don't betray or belong to anywhere else than our only home U.S SOCOM HQ. We fight the drug commissioners who are supposedly involved creating bio weapons, which infects humans, even our own soldiers. We will continue our fight and beyond our duties to ensure all the enemy forces are executed in the line of justice. Freedom is our destiny in every mission, because only easy day was yesterday!



Develop special operations strategy, doctrine and tactics
Prepare and submit budget proposals for SOF
Exercise authority, direction and control over special operations expenditures
Train assigned forces
Conduct specialized courses of instruction
Validate requirements
Establish requirement priorities
Ensure interoperability of equipment and forces
Formulate and submit intelligence support requirements
Monitor Special Operations officers’ promotions, assignments, retention, training and professional military education
Ensure Special Operations Forces’ combat readiness
Monitor Special Operations Forces’ preparedness to carry out assigned missions
Develop and acquire special operations-peculiar equipment, materiel, supplies and services

We do similar to what they would.

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