[HELPFUL] [REQUIREMENT] How to use Teamspeak 3 Server for U.S SOCOM

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[HELPFUL] [REQUIREMENT] How to use Teamspeak 3 Server for U.S SOCOM

Post  H1jol-Forty5 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:58 pm

U.S SOCOM Teamspeak 3

Download Teamspeak 3 Client from: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads then install the program.

Open Teamspeak 3 Client

On the top click "Connections" tab, then click "connect", and type in the information provided below to join the server.

Server Address: ts34.gameservers.com:9134
Port: 9134
Password: See the "Clan Members Only" Board for the password.

Then choose appropriate channels that fits your category.

*Do not make annoying noises.
*Do not spam/flood any channel.
*Use your forum/Ingame nicknames.
*Remain respectful to other users.
*You are not allowed to record anything.
*You are only allowed to play music in the Music Channel provided.

Remember you don't need a microphone to use Teamspeak but it is strongly recommended, if you don't have microphone then just have your speaker/headphones enabled to hear us.

U.S SOCOM TeamSpeak Viewer
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